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Christina D. Owens, PhD

Community & Creative Engagement


In addition to my transnational research interests, I am dedicated to engaging social justice issues within the U.S. criminal "justice" system.  Between 2011 and 2014, I was a volunteer writing tutor with the Prison University Project at San Quentin State Prison and before graduate school I worked with the Domestic Violence Victim Support Team in Seattle. I have also published creative non-fiction that explores how themes of violence and criminal justice have manifested in the lives of people I care about in rural South Carolina. My commitment to both prison abolition and critical engagement with existing institutional structures informs my pedagogy in courses that focus on social justice issues.

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Growing Up Girl Book Cover
Creative Non-Fiction

2006    “Visitation Hours at Kershaw Correctional.” Growing Up Girl: An Anthology of Voices from Marginalized Spaces. Michelle Sewell, ed. Hyattsville, MD: GirlChild Press, 2006. 151-157.

Outside of Ordinary Book Cover

2005    “From Thailand to Japan.” Outside of Ordinary:   Women’s Travel Stories. Lynn Cecil and Catherine Bancroft, eds. Toronto: Second Story Press, 2005. 229-236.

Prison University Project Promotional Image of Two Men in Prison Uniform Studying
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