Christina D. Owens, PhD



Florida State University
     (Honors Program)
  • IDH 2403 Feminist Perspectives on Globalization: Domestic, Factory, and Sex Work

  • IDH 2108 Radical Visions of Freedom: Imagining Black and Queer Liberation

  • IDH 2113 America Abroad: U.S. Empire in Popular Culture

Vassar College
  • WMST 130 Introduction to Women's Studies

  • WMST / ASIA 241 Asian / American Gender and Sexuality Cultural Politics

  • WMST 375 Feminists Imaging Otherwise (Advanced Seminar)

  • WMST 375 Transnational Sexualities (Advanced Seminar)

Miami University
  • WGS 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies

  • WGS 202 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

  • WGS / POL 346 Global Gender Politics

  • WGS / AAA / ENG 351 Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian / America

  • WGS 401 Feminists Imagining Otherwise Senior Capstone


 UC Davis
  • AMS 30 Images of U.S. Empire in Popular Culture

  • AMS 30 Popular Culture Images of America(ns) Abroad

  • AMS 30 Images of America(ns) in Popular Culture (Global Studies Program)

  • AMS 198  Consumption and American Popular Culture (Global Studies Program)

  • AMS 198 The Cultural Politics of the 2012 Presidential Election (Global Studies Program)

  • WMS 103 Introduction to Feminist Theory

  • WMS 182 Gender and Globalization


A selection of syllabi are available at my page.

Student Reflections

Final Day of the Course

I often encourage students to synthesize course concepts through a visualization exercise on the last day.  Groups use markers and poster paper to visually connect different units and course ideas. This results in a variety of visualizations, from "concept maps" and "thought trees" to much more metaphorical images. See the photos to the left for some examples.

Transnational Pedagogy

In addition to publishing on transnational pedagogy broadly conceived, I have also taught numerous courses that have actively engaged international exchange students' perspectives on "America." The images to the left are from one of these courses, offered through a partnership between the  American Studies program and the Global Studies program at UC Davis.

This course explored the politics of U.S. consumer culture and on this particular day we discussed Sarah Banet-Weiser's analysis of Dove's Real Beauty campaigns. Students graciously provided permission to share their in-class reflections. Click on the images to zoom in and read their responses, which effectively capture the affective ambivalence at the heart of the commodification of social justice.

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